Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karan with "Cepot"

Miss you already Karan & Bilqis ;))
Suddenly I got idea to arrange old photos when they visit Indonesia on 2010 and met me at J.CO Donuts & Coffee Ciwalk, Cihampelas Bandung.

Wondering how much things have changed with karan ;)

Orange juice, me and Karan 

Senja Bilqis, she is so beautifull, charming, gorgeous style and Very Friendly. She is my senior high school friend in SMUN 11 Bandung. When we was in tenth grade, we usually spent time together in school canteens with the other friends. And I still remember the day when we went to my sister house in cileunyi using "DAMRI". It was a long time ago dear, but you still look the same. (meni awet mudddeeee ;))

me with bilqis

When Bilqis told me, they will come to Indonesia, I want to give Karan a hand gift. Then suddenly came the idea that karan must have "Cepot", comedian doll from Bandung, Indonesia. So that Karan will always remember Indonesia and remember me ;) hehehehe...

When Karan got hand gift from his aunty, "Cepot". 

I showed Karan how to play "Cepot" wooden doll puppet 

take picture with Bilqis, Karan and Bilqis friends Sarrah ghina

Picture tagged by bilqis when they arrived in Dutch., and "Cepot" was there too
(kalah sama cepot, keduluan maen ke Belandoo nyah..hehehe)

Here are Bilqis and Karan in Paris
(Grab this picture from bilqis facebook, so sorry dear...;))

Bilqis with her husband

Sweet Little Family...Bilqis, her husband and Karan, 

more about her you can find Bilqis here Senja Abbasi.

Now, Karan has growht become a cute boy, and I am happy to see him with the "Cepot" after two years had passed.

Miss you Karan....;)


Senja said...

Aww.. Citra, you're too kind. I still remember that day when we went to Cileunyi. You were so different back then (still look the same though :p)... it was so crowded in the bus and the driver suddenly hit the break.. and you cursed! LOL
Everyone was like :-0 omg such a pretty hijabi girl who cursed!! Whahaahaha.. sometimes I can't believe how time flies... I feel old now seeing high school students in uniform.

I miss you too even though we don't see each other much (mostly random coincidences) but next time I visit Indonesia I will surely contact you ;) xoxo

citra said...

hehehe..LOL :p)
Then I will waiting for your call with my pleasure dear...
thanks Bq, xoxoxoxoxo