Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dos and Don'ts #2 "Hijab Style" "DINA TOKI-O"

 I wish I have creative hands like DINA TOKI-O, fashion designer, beautiful face, love sharing, the way how she mix and match what she wear, she inspired me in and of course a lot of muslimah around the world to keep creative, love it 
Here are some of her hijab styles:

I think you will agree with me,  she is awesome!!!

Let's look other Dina Toki-O Hijab Styles:

For some reasons I believe that the last styles are not appropriate for muslimah. Why??? Because  the aurat for a woman is every part of her body except for face and 2 hands -- that is from her wrist to her fingers. Thus, our neck, arms, feet and body shape including chest, butt and thigh must be covered.
So, wearing only hijab without covering all other aurat, does not means you have covered your aurat. I know there's a lot of cases where the hijab girls wear sandals and their feet got exposed. So, you know what that is. They did wear hijab but they didn't cover all their aurat yet.

Let's make our hijab kaffah, 
Yang harus diperhatikan:
  1. Tutup leher dengan memakai inner ninja jika ingin memakai hijab gaya turban atau sejenisnya.
  2. Memakai  inner apabila menggunakan kerudung atau pashmina bahan tipis dan menerawang seperti chiffon
  3.  Pakailah baju dalam berlengan panjang dan agak longgar.
  4.  Jika ingin memakai celana legging, pastikan baju atasan panjang sampai tumit kaki.
  5.  Selalu memakai kaos kaki 
  6.  No tight jeans without covering our butt..(legging, jeans ketat, dihindari, kecuali memakai baju atasan panjang.

But still I love Dina Toki-O, yeayy !!! 

*F.Y.I, aku juga masih sering ga pake kaos kaki, masih pake celana jeans, Insya Allah I'll allways learn.

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