Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hijab Style from Civil Engineer

Walaaaa...I introduce you to another cute face,  her name is Asri Dwi Lestari, we usually call her "Aci". Yupz..Aci is my dearest cousin too, actually she is the sister of my cousin that I told you before, Syara
Let's start with this pictures:

Even before you look all of her face, she look beautifull already ;)
(for aci: "sarebu nya ci,,,heuheuheu")

Woww, you just watch her fly, I can't believe that she always play a lot.. 
(play sistahh not fly ..hihihi)

She looks gorgeous, isn't she?

It is picture of aci, syara and my sister lulu (I will tell you about her soon).

The last but not least she is a civil engineer from Institut Teknologi Bandung.
Beautifull & Smart, PERfecto!!!!

Aci with her friends doing civil engineering activity
(jadi pada item dehh kulitnya, hehe)

For any other information, you can find her in Asri's Facebook.

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