Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

Finally, I am here in 2012 !!!
Thanks to Allah Swt. for giving me a life until today. There was an amazing story in every single breath I take in the last 25 years. 
In October 2011, I got married with a greatest hubby in the world Mr. Andi Eriawan, then I have a promotion in my office, although I am still OJT, hehe...Moreover on december 2011 my brother graduated from his major in art and I have a little bussiness clothing project with mysistersbestfriends.

Hope there are a lot of good thing in 2012, like having baby "I can't wait any longer for being a mommy"

and achieving a good appraisal on the job training in my office, and get success in mysistersbestfriends bussines clothing project Aminn...Hope every one had a great New Year.. 

another project of me ishijab style, here:

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