Saturday, March 31, 2012

What happened with our "Du'a"??

When I am blogwalking tonight, I find some notes from welovehijab, one of my reading list is very touching, and I want share that notes with you:
Have you ever prayed really hard for something that you really wanted–and your dua STILL wasn’t answered?
Maybe you prayed for…
a better job
more money
a husband or a better marriage
a more fit & healthy body
or, life guidance in general…
So what happened to your dua? Did you not pray hard enough? Is Allah ignoring you because you’re not a “perfect Muslimah”? Is Allah not answering you because He just doesn’t want to?
Here’s the thing, Sister: Every dua gets answered immediately.
As soon as you raise your hands to ask Allah for something, He puts that thing (or something better!) in your path. Allah promises us this in The Quran (Quran 2:186)… But He also swears that He won’t change your situation until you first change yourself (Quran 13:11).
So, when we feel that Allah hasn’t answered our dua, we have to ask ourselves: “What do I need to change? How am I blocking myself from getting what I want?”
The most common blocks are baggage from your past, lack of faith that Allah will bless you,confusion about what you really want, impatience, low self-confidence…and the most crucial —a lack of connection to Allah.
Hope I will keep istiqomah with this hijab, amin..

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