Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do Campaign: "Muslimah Fashion"

Jam 12.20  semua orang di ruangan saya lagi shalat jumat, sementara dari pagi saya sibuk sama my laptopy *dari kemarin actually ^o^... Suasana di kantor lagi sedikit gak nyaman ngeliat dua bulan lagi evaluasi...ahahahaha..What can I do with this job?? Akhirnya doing lovely stuff "blogwalking" then I found this beautifull blog by Sue Anna Joe, she campaign to cover up chest and butt for muslimah. She said:

I still do think it is OKAY to be fashionable. But, it's just so easy to cross the line. So let's wear it right.

It's not easy, but it's possible. I still have my skinny jeans that I've yet to throw out. And I still smack some make up, just enough so I won't look like a zombie, but sometime a little more so I'd look like a pretty zombie. Acchkkk Achhkkk *zombie sounds*.

Now, let's all try to by better a better Muslimah. Allah loves us,how about we show Him that we do too! So let's wear it right. 

I agree with every single word she says. "Just put Islam before fashion" ~Adibah Awg

Citra said:
And I agree with them, let's do cover our chest and butt!!  Do campaign ladies....

Here are some hijab styles

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