Saturday, May 26, 2012

OOTD: Wearing "SUCH!" to "Gramedia" & "Rabbani"

Always excited when saturday comes, I can be free from anything related to my works and hang out with hubby all day long..yeayyy..sooooo happy..
For this wonderfull day, I decided to combine my tosca outwear with shocking pink cotton cloth pashmina by SUCH!, and it worked...

I have four different colors of SUCH! cotton cloth pashmina: Shocking Pink, Tosca, Grey, and Deep Chocholate. It's comfy when I wear it, and we can make different hijab tutorials from this pashmina, thanks to Suci Utami for the pashmina.

I asked hubby to buy some books "Khadijah" and "Habibie& Ainun", and he agreed with that. Unfortunately the "Khadijah" book was out of stock, but it's okay because I can wait until next month and I still got "Habibie &Ainun". Beside that my hubby decided to buy a book "Hanya Untukmu Anakku",  the real title is "Tuhfatul Maudud bi Ahkamil Maulud" written by Imam Ibnul Qoyyim al-Jauziyah. It is about how to teach our children. He said that we have to prepare and learn about that before we have one *can't wait any longer to get pregnant..May Allah, Swt. hear my pray, aaamiin... Hmmm..just can't wait to read the books and share to all of you the resume.

After we bought some books in Gramedia, we went to the mosque of Kologdam. The mosque is located at Jl Aceh near to my hubby's high school SMAN 5 Bandung and it is one of  my hubby's favorite mosques. We Shalat Ashar there, then we went to Rabbani at Dipatiukur looking for "Peci/Kopeah" *I don't have any idea what kopeah is in english ^0^. Lucky me, that Rabbany in sale for 50% discount for limited item , so I bought three pants for just Rp. 151.000,- Horaiiii....Unfortunately  The Peci is not for sale, but it is not too expensive. Hubby found the blue one and he looks like marbot, isn't he? hehehe.... 

And our journey for this saturday ended in Chelsea, a place for pirated dvd movies...heuheuheu...please do not catch me for buying those movies...cause I just walking around the place ^o^.

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