Friday, May 11, 2012

Hijab Photoshoot: Wearing "gdasbyghaida" dari Ghaida Tsuraya jumpsuit

Before going to hijab class, hubby take some photos of me in our house, narsisssssss deh jadinya ^o^

just my silly faces, tengkyu hubby for helping me take this picture..loooooopppp yuuuu..^o^


Anonymous said...

love the jumpsuit and the eyeshadow gosh look beautiful :)

citra puspa fitriah said...

jumpsuitnya ghaida emang keren say,, seneng pakenya sering-sering...btw about the eyeshadow, just trying to mix&match white eyeliner pencil "Wardah" with black eyeshadow from "Beautystyle"..thank you for visit ian afifah ^0^