Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hijab Tutorial Baltos (Balubur Town Square)

it's rainy day... 
I went to my office at 8 a.m (my boutique is my office, of course ^^ and just want you to know that my Hijab Line is "AISA"), then prepare for Hijab Tutorial in 11 a.m and Grosir Hijab Sale on 10 a.m.

at 11 a.m:
Alhamdulillah the audience more than 30 person..they looked very excited about this event. I started to speech bla..bla..bla..after make up tutorial by Wardah finished. Then Hijab tutorial by me "citra puspa fitriah" with Juniper Lane in Baltos is held. Mba Ulan take some video about that event and I will share the video after finishing some editing.

Event Hijab Tutorial ini akan berlangsung tiap hari Rabu, satu kali dalam seminggu, dan dalam 6 bulan kedepan Tutor nya dari  Juniper Lane. So Come and Join us...^^

at 3 p.m I went to factory outlet in Dago Bandung with my friend Mba Ulan who own JUNIPER Hijab Line and she sharing boutique with me, you can call the boutique as JUNIPER LANE. I bought some t-shirt for my hubby from JETSET factory outlet and BLOSSOMS. I bought the blue one and the red one. Dan alhasil kaos merahnya kegedean..hehehehehe...

Love this picture by Shea in My amethyst..^^lovelove^^

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