Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hijab Style with Gorgeous Housewife

Assalamualaikum ladys...
Who said that being housewife with two children can not be stylist???? Yes, Nobody.
Let me introduce you to a gorgeous housewife Hj. Hana Shopi Lutfiyah, she is 29 years old, married and have two lovely children Abil & Zia, and........ they are my nephew anyway ;)

she is a teacher smart..

Beauty with black Hoodie and Dalmatian dress

Looks like a teacher

Shocking Pink Dress!!!

Wearing Batik Dress, ready for teaching turun diatas hujan...Halahhhhh....(ga sempet edit ,heuheu)
Hana shopi Wearing Hareem Pant and Cotton Cloth Pashmina

Kawah darajat Garut
Wearing Black Hoodie Shirt

Even when you drive, fashion still important ladys

This is my gorgeous nephew Neng Zia

Pangandaran Beach, from Left:
My sister Lulu, My cousinHana Shopi with her children Neng Zia&Abil, Teletubbies (it's not me of course) and My cousin Syara.

Fashionable just like her Mom, ho..ho.. so sweet Neng Zia

Abil...sometimes he look likes Fahri "Ayat-Ayat Cinta"...Ho..ho..ho..
(mun teu hideung nya bil..;))

Yipppyyy...Hana's little Family

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