Friday, January 27, 2012

"Sari Ater" VS "Gong Xi Fa Chai"

It was long holiday in January because sunday was  Chinese New Year , and off course the important thing that I can off from my office for three days, Yeayyyyy....... it means I am free from stack of credit application in my desk,
sooooo happy..;)

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year Ladys..."Gong Xi Fa Chai"

Our family decided to met my sister Lulu in Tanjung Siang Subang. She has been doing KKN project from her university UNPAD for one month. After met Lulu they continued their trip to Sari Ater Subang. And I decided to come to Sari Ater with my hubby.
Thanks anyway to my cousin Hana Shopi and her family, my cousin Asri Dwi L and her family, and my cousin Angga Ahmad F and his family who has joined with us. Happy Holidayyyyy...Yeayyy ;)

my mother wearing blue tosca shawl and my aunty wearing grey shawl

From the left, my cousin Aci "Asri Dwi L", t' opi  "Hana Shopi L" , and I,...the one who still not fotogenic ;(

Aci wearing animal print shawl

I challenged my hubby to take a great picture of me and I think it's not too bad, thank you honey ;)

T' opi with her statue of Liberty pose ;)

Thanks to aci for this picture ;)
Outfit: Cotton Cloth Pashmina by Such!, My Mother Sweater, Body Talk Jeans.

From the left: me, ma piah (our neighbour), my mother, and my aunty which is aci's mother

This my nephew Mumtaj Bilqisti, we call him "Abil"  (t' opi's son)

Aci wearing Animal Print shawl and I wear Cotton Cloth Pashmina by Such!

The last but not least my other cousin 
From the left Paza, Angga (I will write about him later), me, Aci, Iza and Iguana , Yeayyyy...;)

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