Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hijab Tutorial: Suit Your Face Shape

Blogwalking to stylishmuslimah today, found adorable tips and tricks to suit your face shape in stylng hijab. 
I want to share it with you, thanks to stylishmuslimah.


The most common face shapes are:

Round: Approximately as wide as it is long
Oval: Greater length than width
Long: Length is 1½ times the width
Square: Equally wide at the forehead, cheeks and jaw

Here are some tips and tricks I put together for hijab styles for round, long and square face shapes. I haven't done one for oval because most styles suit this shape, even al amiras.

First, the square with an equally wide forehead, cheeks and jaw:
By Stylish Muslimah
Next the round face, with rounded cheeks and chin and equally wide as it is long:

By Stylish Muslimah
Lastly, tips for the long, thin face where the length is about one and a half times the width:

By Stylish Muslimah
I hope these help! If you have any face-shape tips, feel free to post them in the comments.

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