Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adios... Baltos (Balubur Town Square)


In 2007 I finished my study from UPI Bandung, then I started to be a  math teacher/instructur in Ganesha Operation. it just take one years there because one of the biggest banking in Indonesia gave me a chance to be an employee in that office. After 4 years working in that banking, there's something inside me want to do something new, so I decided to resign from there. And here we are, I tried to be a bussinesman and I choosed fashion.

At first, I have no idea what I supposed to do, but then slowly there is a way to be there. Together with my friend Lane who was resign from the same office, we used to discuss about the plan, all things, then we built our own label. My label name "aisa" and my friend label is "juniper". In July 2012 we started to rent a store in Baltos Bandung, I have no idea for that store name, untill we decided to use "Juniper Lane" as the name of that store. It's my friends label, but it's okay for me as long as we doing all things together.

We focused our bussiness in online shop, so we built Fanpage Facebook Juniper for selling our product. We used the store as basecamp and Gudang. Sometimes is so messy there when we packed our product for delivery. But it's fun, I learn many things in Baltos and I have a lot of  new friends who have the same bussiness. Such as T'Nova who run Queenova, T'Desy who run DM by Deamirza, Iva (Iva's Stuff), Tini (Radwah), Uni (Fey Shop), T'Inda (Indayani Boutique), Ratih (Ra'Ind Design), Icha (Cesium), T'hani (Zharifa) and many more.

But now 23 July 2013, after one years we used the store, we have to move out because someone already bought the store and want to use it. Now..today..when I write this post, I feel sooooo....sad and "teu pararuguh" feeling. There's many memory came from this place.
I am looking at the wallpaper, the carpet, the fashion closet, the manekin, and all of stuff in here. Yes, I will miss this place, I will miss all the things. Miss them already :(

Yes, now I prepare to run my label alone, started again, back to "aisa". Now I built my own Facebook fanpage "Aisa:Covering the Aurah (www.aisacitra.com)"... meet my product there, guys ^^.

Hope there is a better future for "aisa", thanks to Allah Swt for always guide me in all situation.
and of course, from now on, hubby will be extra busy in home^^

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