Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my hijab methamorfosa #part1

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. r u blogy, it was long time I not touch you, mizzzz sooo much to write here ^^,
Today 9 of Ramadhan, I am not feeling well coz I got flu. 
Being in home, I opened my compy folder and found my older I decided to share it, just check it out.

I wear hijab from my junior high school, not because I want to wear it but it's a must there. My junior high shcool "Mts. Al-Fatah" is one of islamic school in South bandung, we call it here "pesantren" or "Madrasah Tsanawiyah", so the girl must wear hijab to the school, and I can't run from it, because my uncle and my onty was the owner of that school.^^ 
During 1996 to 1999 I had my junior high school, then I Entered my Senior High school in SMAN 11 Bandung. Far from my hometown (actually you just need 3hours to go there from my home). I was think to open my hijab, but I can't do that either because my mother wan't me to stay in one of my uncle/onty house in Bandung. He is the same uncle who have the "pesantren". After finished my senior high school then I go to college in this town too.^^

Now, I realize that Allah SWT was decided me to wear hijab on that way.

For many times I just know that wear hijab is a must, but I didn't realize that we have to wear hijab syar'i. I didn't learn how Al-quran said about hijab. can look on this picture below, how I wear my hijab at first:

How I wear the shirt, my hand was not covered, it's tight shirt, tight jeans, i wear short jilbab
Now I agree that it's not call hijab syar'i.. 

hmmm... jilbab still short .. the cardigan was tight 

tight jeans

This blue shirt actually is my uniform at first year when I was work in one of government banking office in my country Indonesia, and this photos taken when I was go home from work and find the gift for my nephew birthday. 

LOL ^^

you still can look my hair.. it's not covered yet

Then I learn to wear long shirt to cover my boot, but its still tight.. I didn't wear shock shoes 

to be continue...

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